Conditional: False/Incorrect Response

We now need to look at what happens when the KEYBOARD response does not match the expected_button in the datasource and the response is INCORRECT.

First we need another copy of the UPDATE_ATTRIBUTE node. When the response is INCORRECT we still want to know the BUTTON_PRESS and RT as well as our new variable RESPONSE_ACCURACY.

So, to begin, we copy and paste the UPDATE_ATTRIBUTE node, as shown below.

Here, IF the condition is NOT met and the KEYBOARD response is NOT the same as the expected_button in the datasource then we follow the corner of the CONDITIONAL Trigger with the cross on it…
2014-04-06 17_11_12-Developing Experiments using Experiment Builder - Microsoft PowerPoint

When this happens, we need to PLAY_SOUND. We also need to set up the RESPONSE_ACCURACY in UPDATE_ATTRIBUTE. To do this, follow these steps (which are shown below):

  • PLAY_SOUND is available from the Action bar. Drag it down and link it to the INCORRECT side of the CONDITIONAL with the cross on it
  • If you only have one sound file in the Library Manager, this sounds will already be listed in the Properties panel. If you have multiple sounds than you can choose which one you want to use in this panel
2014-04-06 17_13_13-Developing Experiments using Experiment Builder - Microsoft PowerPoint

Now we need to set the RESPONSE_ACCURACY to 0 (zero) in UPDATE_ATTRIBUTE on the INCORRECT side of the CONDITIONAL. To do this, click on UPDATE_ATTRIBUTE [1] and in the Properties panel click on Attribute-Value List. Because we copied this from the CORRECT side of the CONDITIONAL everything is already filled out for us, we just need to change the value for the RESPONSE_ACCURACY to 0 so that it updates to an INCORRECT response in the RESULTS_FILE. Next to the Attribute RESPONSE_ACCURACY set the Value to 0. These steps are shown below.


Now we just need to link the PLAY_SOUND to the new UPDATE_ATTRIBUTE[1], and then link that to the ADD_TO_RESULTS_FILE so that all the attributes we updated get added to the RESULTS_FILE when the response is incorrect, as shown below.

Again, because we have created a new variable, we need to add that to the Columns listed in the RESULTS_FILE. Go back up to the top Experiment level and click on the RESULTS_FILE and click on Columns in the Properties panel and move RESPONSE_ACCURACY over to the right with the rest of the variables, as in the animation below.

If we Test Run we should have the same working experiment, but with a sound playing when an incorrect response is made! Also, the response accuracy will be added to the results file…

2014-04-06 17_22_35-Developing Experiments using Experiment Builder - Microsoft PowerPoint