Presenting Images

Before we can display images to participants, we first need to import them into Experiment Builder. Images (and other stimuli such as sounds) are imported into the Library Manager.

Let’s import an image. Save the picture that is shown below to your computer:

We will now import this image. To do so, click the Library Manager, and then click the plus (+) symbol to begin adding the image, as shown below.

We now have the image imported into our experiment. The image will travel around with our experiment now wherever we copy/save it to.

But what we want to do next is to actually display the image! How do we do that? First, go back to your DISPLAY_SCREEN that contained text. Delete the text. Next, insert an IMAGE_RESOURCE. When you click where to draw an image resource, you’ll be asked to pick an image from the library to display. You can then centre the image using the alignment buttons. This is all set out below.

Next, build and then test run the experiment. It works!