Results file: Record responses

How do we output the responses from our experiment, and the time taken to respond?

To do this, we create a RESULTS_FILE. To add one to our experiment, we drag a RESULTS_FILE object from the Other toolbar.


To change what results get output in the RESULTS_FILE we look over to the Properties panel, and select the columns. Then we move RT from the Available Variables list to the Selected Variables list, as shown below.

Now we have told our RESULTS_FILE to include a column in the output containing the RT variable. But what we haven’t done is told the experiment to actually send the value of RT to the RESULTS_FILE at any point.

To do this, in the Action bar, drag the ADD_TO_RESULTS_FILE action down and link to the UPDATE_ATTRIBUTE action, as shown below.

Click on the ADD_TO_RESULTS_FILE action and change the Results File property to RESULTS_FILE. This might all sound a little cryptic, but basically you can have, if you want, more than one RESULTS_FILE at work in an experiment. You therefore need to tell ADD_TO_RESULTS_FILE which RESULTS_FILE to actually send the output to.

We now are recording the RT! Next we will set up the experiment to record which button was pressed as well.