Prepare Sequence

You may notice that also in the results folder is a .txt file called “warning”, as shown below. It lets us know that every time we present the DISPLAY_SCREEN we are loading the IMAGE_RESOURCE from the disk (see below). This can effect the timings in experiments because it has to load the image before it can display it. It might sound weird that a computer can take time to load a small image, but it does – and this can influence the accuracy of our timing and presentation speeds. We can fix this, though!



We can load all the images into memory so that they are all ready to be displayed as soon as they need to be.  The function for doing this is called PREPARE_SEQUENCE and it is located on the Actions toolbar. All we need to do is add a PREPARE_SEQUENCE in before the DISPLAY_SCREEN. This is shown below:

The warnings now will not be present after we run our study.