Dressing the Experiment

Our experiment is lacking some things that traditional experiment might have:

  • A welcome screen / Instruction screen
  • A thank you for participating screen

We will talk about these now.

 A Welcome Screen

A welcome screen will only occur at the beginning of the experiment. It only occurs once so you want to place a new DISPLAY_SCREEN outside of the SEQUENCE somewhere before it. To add a welcome screen to our study, we delete the link between the first START and the SEQUENCE and insert a new DISPLAY_SCREEN, as shown below.


Next, rename the DISPLAY_SCREEN to WELCOME_SCREEN. This will help you find it later if you need to! Then, double-click on the new WELCOME_SCREEN and create a new TEXT_RESOURCE of welcome text. Be friendly! An example is shown below.

The WELCOME_SCREEN will now be shown before the experiment, but there is a problem! The new WELCOME_SCREEN does not know when to end. At the moment the experiment will just sit on the WELCOME_SCREEN. We therefore need to add a KEYBOARD trigger to move past the WELCOME_SCREEN and into the experiment. To do this, delete the link between WELCOME_SCREEN and SEQUENCE and add a KEYBOARD trigger from the Trigger bar, as shown below.

As we noted earlier, the Properties panel for the KEYBOARD trigger has the default key press as [Any] – see below.

2014-04-06 17_28_24-Developing Experiments using Experiment Builder - Microsoft PowerPoint

You may notice that the new keyboard has the name “KEYBOARD” which is identical to the previous “KEYBOARD” that we use as the response to the images shown. This isn’t very good as we want to be able to tell the different keyboard nodes apart. You need to give all the nodes a unique name if you want to keep track of what is happening during your experiment! You can do something as simple as add a number to the end of the name to make it unique.

2014-04-06 17_30_26-Developing Experiments using Experiment Builder - Microsoft PowerPoint


Thank You for Participating End Screen

Now do the same for the end “Thank you for participating” screen – give it a go!


  • Think about where it needs to go, i.e. at the end of the experiment and to only appear once
  • How will you trigger it to end?


Place a new DISPLAY_SCREEN outside of the SEQUENCE, just after it. Rename it and insert a new TEXT_RESOURCE saying “Thank you for participating!”

Trigger the end of this new screen with a KEYBOARD and/or TIMER. The Default KEYBOARD will end the experiment with [Any] key. The TIMER default is 4000 ms or 4 seconds. I change this to 10000 ms of 10 seconds in the example below:

You now have a working experiment with both welcome screens and an end screen

Instructions Screen

If you have instructions you want to give on screen before the study you can add them as a new DISPLAY_SCREEN after WELCOME_SCREEN/KEYBOARD trigger

Have a go!

Hint: The instructions cover more than one line so use the MULTILINE_TEXT_RESOURCE

Instructions: You will see a picture of a cat which you have to judge if he is AWAKE or ASLEEP




  • Delete the link between KEYBOARD1 and the SEQUENCE and add in a new DISPLAY_SCREEN called INSTRUCTION_SCREEN
  • Insert a new KEYBOARD to trigger the end of this screen and link them all up
  • Insert the instruction text