Experiment Builder: Change to an Eye Tracking Experiment

To set your experiment up for eye-tracking, there are a couple of changes to make:

  • We need to know what part of the experiment we want to track the eyes for. We don’t want to record the whole thing: we obviously don’t care what part of the WELCOME_SCREEN participants are looking at
  • We need to add a CAMERA_SETUP to run the calibration/validation
  • We also need to add a DRIFT_CORRECT before each trial

The first thing you should notice is that at the top Experiment level there is a new property in the Properties panel labelled EyeLink DV VariablesDV here stands for DataViewer, which is the software used to output eye-tracking data (which we’ll cover later).

When you open up the EyeLink DV Variables, you’ll see something that looks very much like the window for adding columns to a RESULTS_FILE.This is the list of variables from the experiment that will be displayed in the output reports for use in DataViewer. You want to click on this and drag all your variables across so they will appear in your analysis reports. Just as moving the columns into the Selected Variables pane for a RESULTS_FILE causes those values to be output in the results file, here these columns will be output and marked in the eye-tracking data.


Don’t forget that adding columns to a RESULTS_FILE does not automatically add them to your eye-tracking output (or vice versa).